Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kaptain moves to University of Colorado Denver--College of Arts & Media

One of the few public colleges in the nation devoted to arts and entertainment.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New position at LSU for Laurence Kaptain--Final Blog Post on this site

Laurence Kaptain, former dean of the LSU College Music & Dramatic Arts, or CMDA, moved into the position of Director for Creative Initiatives  Aug. 10, 2013. This assignment  builds on key accomplishments of Kaptain’s four-year tenure as dean, such as increased international activity, creative events, interdisciplinary projects among colleges, and the first LSU live-streaming of concerts and web-based social networking and crowdsourcing initiatives. Some specific metrics that reflect his success as dean, include:
  1.       The endowment of the LSU CMDA increased 65% (in 4 years of recession and economic pessimism) – achieving a surplus in LSU Foundation scholarships, talent awards, and professorship funds;
  2.      The diversity of the performing arts student body grew by over 35% while diversity of the faculty and professional staff doubled, and
  3.       Faculty and student travel increased by 129%, providing opportunities for creative and scholarly trips to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. 

LSU Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Stuart Bell appointed Senior Associate Dean Kristin Sosnowsky as Interim Dean in August, and a national search for a continuing dean has commenced.  Kaptain commented on Sosnowsky's appointment, "Provost Bell made a wise choice in appointing Kristin Sosnowsky as Interim Dean. In her role as Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Operations we raised attendance (and ticket revenues), increased visibility of the performing arts at LSU, introduced valuable curricular and programmatic changes (that increased enrollments in the Department of Theatre), made numerous collaborative relationships with other college units and maintained a perfect record for never triggering end-of-year-deficits due, in part, to our success in identifying novel sources of funding and in fostering public-private partnerships."

Kaptain's ownership of  his fiscal responsibilities is evidenced by his recent appointment as Treasurer of the College Music Society.

According to Bell, “One of Larry’s strengths is his ability to think ‘out of the box,’ which allows him to see potential connections for creative collaboration. Over the past four years he has helped form and shape programs, projects and alliances between CMDA and the Colleges of Engineering, Humanities & Social Sciences, Human Sciences & Education, Science, Business, Mass Communication, and Art & Design.”

Kaptain will be working closely with the Office of Research and Economic Development to enhance a broader appreciation for the contribution of all disciplines to the research plan of the university, develop communication mechanisms to promote scholarship both internally and externally, and identify funding sources that would support creative engagement. In addition, he will be involved in planning interdisciplinary events on campus that promote creativity among faculty and students.

LSU theatre student Amanda Schmidt awarding Vanderbilt's Steven J. Tepper
an LSU hoodie at the 2012 CMDA opening Convocation.

Renowned Broadway and film actress Elizabeth Ashley and Senior
Associate Dean Kristin Sosnowsky at an LSU
CMDA Alumni function in New York City. LSU faculty and student
activity in New York City grew exponentially during Kaptain's term as Dean.
Dinner with President Clinton at the Thea Foundation
Banquet in Washington, DC in 2012.
Kaptain made regular visits to Washington advocating for
LSU, Louisiana and the arts.

In Mexico City in 2012 with Maestro Carlos Miguel Prieto
in rehearsals and performances with
Mexico's National Symphony Orchestra.

LSU alum and international opera star Donnie Ray Albert,
his wife and Miriam Overton on an LSU alumni trip to Dallas.

CMDA Diploma Ceremony May 2013 with arts icon Liz Lerman
and MFA graduate Katrina Despain.

Attending "Showboat" at the Houston Grand Opera,preceded by an LSU alumni reception.
Here with Lara Teeter who played Captain Andy. Teeter and Kaptain were
colleagues at Shenandoah Conservatory.

In Bill Conti's dressing room at
Intermission of a holiday concert series (July 2013) in his new job as
conductor of the San Diego Pops. Pictured with Shelby Conti. Both proud LSU grads.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" will close out SummerFest 2013 at LSU's Swine Palace

Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" will close out SummerFest 2013 at LSU's Swine Palace.
(Photo courtesy of Karli Henderson)

Monday, July 22, 2013

CMDA Endowment Growth 2009-13

In tough financial times the performing arts at LSU seem like a terrific investment.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

LSU Department of Theatre Chair Kristin Sosnowsky Named Interim Dean of LSU College of Music & Dramatic Arts

and on August 10th--I start my new position as LSU's Director of Creative Initiatives in the Office of Research and Economic Development. Looking forward to new challenges and moving LSU and Louisiana into an intended future--one where creativity is valued, recognized, supported and leveraged.

Kristin Sosnowsky

WQXR: All Ears with Terrance McKnight--Democratic Dissonance

This episode of All Ears is a musical response to the various opinions and passions that continue to drive America's march to true democracy. 
The program begins with an invocation by Mahalia Jackson, and includes works by Alan Hovhaness, music sung by the Morehouse College Glee Club, as well as compositions by Lou Harrison, and Debussy.
Centering the episode is a piece entitled Apartment House 1776. In the spirit of true democracy, composer John Cage created this piece to mark America's bicentenary. It presents solutions to issues of intolerance and prejudice.
Terrance McKnight at Shenandoah Conservatory Opening Convocation (2008)

Former Dean Laurence Kaptain, Terrance McKnight,
and Former Provost/VPAA Bryon Grigsby

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Great photo from Swine Palace "Free Man of Color" in Fall 2012

Reynaldo McClinton in Swine Palace's production of A Free Man of Color, Fall 2012

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 5th at San Diego Summer Pops conducted by Bill Conti

with LSU alums Bill and Shelby Conti, backstage at Intermission

July 4th Celebration for LSU Museum of Art

Dolores Arce-Kaptain, John Turner, Jordana Pomeroy and Scott Bankston